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About Gran Nutriz

With over 40 years of experience in the market , serving customers in the public and private markets.
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40 years ago was born the Nutriz , a company that has solidified its brand in the capital by the hands of a chinese visionary and entrepreneur who, with hard work and dedication, founded a company to become a leader in the alimentation segment in the Midwest region, becoming one of the most respected national brands.
Food services can be hired according to the need of the customer, from the operation the contractor's premises to the cafeteria and dining services , such as transported meal services, following the criteria of time and proper temperature , cocktail services, events, buffet, reception, Coffee breaks, and similar.

We operate in the area of health and nutrition advice, as well as kitchens and dining areas projects.
The company is equipped with skilled and prepared people to meet the proposed services. To this end, it has a team of highly experienced professionals in food for communities. This team goes through a rigorous system of recruitment and selection , and periodically recycled in specialized courses in the area.
Brazilian Association of Collective Meals Companies – ABERC
The company is associated and its President is Regional Vice President of the Association in the states of DF, MT, GO TO.

Union of Companies Dining Collective DF - SINDERC-DF
The Sinderc -DF has the President, the president of the company, responsible for representing the segment in relations with the government, trade union institutions, society and the private sector.

Worker Food Program - PAT
The company is registered in the PAT - Food Programme of the Ministry of Labor worker to perform INDUSTRIAL KITCHEN and other related (Law No. 6,321 / 76).

Regional Council of Nutritionists
The company is registered in the CRN - Regional Council of Nutritionists, having to do so, professionals who are responsible for the production of meals (Law No. 6.583 / 78, of Decree No. 84,444 / 80 and Law 6,839 / 80).
Headquarter with 2.750,00 m² of built area, office, industrial kitchen, dry warehouse area, cold rooms, located in SOF / South, with production capacity of 16,000 meals / day.

In the other branches, we have industrial kitchens, with a capacity of 10,000 meals per shift in each.
The company has all the logistics for the transport of food and other raw materials, possessing its own fleet. The vehicles are properly inspected by the Health Surveillance and other inspection agencies, and appropriate for this type of transport.
The company has an infrastructure capable of providing food security and technical guarantees at all stages of production and distribution, ensuring the absolute customer transparency and conduct in established relationships.
The company provides services through production in its industrial kitchens to be transported to its customers. When these have cafeterias, or manages restaurants and cafeterias of its customers, using labor and inputs, or even services through mandate, with the use of labor and inputs for customer supplied.
Therefore, the company has logistics planning team, as well as projects of industrial kitchens, in order to provide customer support.
In a competitive world, dominated by the inequality and imbalance, speaking competition ceases to become a taboo when a company has its eyes on the future. Every business depends on financial results, but few care about customer loyalty.

Why choose GranNutriz? Simple, first comes to know the concept of the company, its creed and values. It's knowing the soul of its leaders, leaders who, with fondness and professionalism, treats its customers with the same equality and merit. Sees to it that every detail approach as closely as possible to their concerns and needs. After all, besides nutritionally nourish our communities, we nurture, as well, dreams and accomplishments. We corroborate to the growth of organizations, making them more humane and productive.

President's words.
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Social Responsability

Gran Nutriz dedicate every day, based on it's Christian basis, to financial support and through human charity, institutions that care for special and disadvantaged people in society . Supports the local amateur sport, encourages parochial secular parties, and provides its technical staff to support in the area of health and nutrition.


Daily, data is collected to improve the efficiency of services aimed at environmental uses, as well as respecting the preservation of the environment. We aim to the ISO 14001 certification, and follow the rules of ANVISA procedures, and other regulatory agencies.


Services Gran Nutriz comprise a range of activities capable of meeting the most recondite places in Brazil, with all stages of services, such as breakfasts, snacks, suppers, lunches and dinners, and also onboard services to aircraft, ships and platforms, prisons, schools, hospitals, social services in areas such as popular restaurants and reception centers for children, adults and the elderly, among other institutions.

Over time, the company is improving in public-private partnerships, concessions and other types of partnerships allowed by law in Brazil.

Restaurants Administration

Meal Transported

School Lunch

Hospital Food


Outsourcing Benefits

Events and Catering

Advisory services for erection kitchens and cafeterias


Gran Nutriz has prepared various tips on how to have a better nutrition so you can adapt them to your everyday life and understand why our company cares about the quality of services offered.

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Here you may find some nutritive easy recepies to make, available by our Chef for you to spice up your meals.

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